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Kaiping City of Guangdong province

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Located in Southwestern part of the Pearl River Delta, Kaiping city is a famous land of overseas Chinese, land of construction, land of culture and arts and land of military watchtowers. Occupying an area of 1659 square kilometers, Kaiping owns 680thousand population and 750thousand overseas Chinese and HK, Macao and Taiwan compatriots. It is one of the top 100 cities in term of basic economic competitiveness in China.

Textile and Garment industry in possession of 432 enterprises including 263 large-scale ones is the backbone industry of Kaiping. The output value in 2002 of textile and garment industry reached 14.1billion yuan accounting for 70% of the total industrial output of the city, taxes 1.139billion yuan taking up 67% and shipment delivery value 2.828billion yuan occupying 61%. The main textile products of Kaiping are chemical fibers, nonwoven cloth and denim. Kaiping PET Group Company is one of the key 520 state-owned enterprises whose output accounts for 77.39% of the total of Guangdong province. As the manufacturing base of nonwoven cloth in China, Kaiping owns the nationwide famous enterprise of nonwoven cloth such as Kaiping Web Star Co.,Ltd whose products are Guangdong well-known branded products. There are 160 denim fabrics and garments enterprises in Kaiping, who exported 120million meters of denim fabrics last year and produced 141million pieces of denim garments. Kaiping is an important manufacturing and exporting base of denim garments in China. There are also many popular textiles brands in Kaiping such as 'Chunhui' PEY filament yarn, WebStar nonwoven cloth, "Fly" garments and so on, nearly 20 of them are famous brands in Guangdong province. The textile industry of Kaiping is equipped with more than 25thousand machines. Those large scale enterprises all have world first-class technologies and equipment.

Textile industry has been set as the first industry by Kiaping and is aimed to realize the output value of 30billion yuan in the Tenth Five Year Plan period. Relying on scientific technologies and information, Kaiping will speed up the implementation of famous brands and sustainable development strategy through taking its advantage of the land of overseas Chinese to absorb more foreign investment and enlarge exportation. The aim is to make Kaiping as a larger and stronger textile industrial base of China.

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