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Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou Zhejiang

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Xiaoshan district of Hangzhou city lies in northern Zhejang (next to Shaoxing), enjoying a convenient conveyance, covers an area of 1420 square kilometers and owns a population of 1.15million. GDP of Xiaoshan in 2002 was 33.5billion yuan and fiscal income 3.3billion yuan. The comprehensive economic strength of Xiaoshan ranks the first few places among all towns and cities in China.

In 2002, the industrial output value of Xiaoshan reached 108 billion yuan and taxes 4.3billion yuan. Among those industries, textile dyeing and printing industry performed best. There are totally 5000 textile enterprises in Xiaoshan with total assets of 32billion yuan, employing 180thousand staff. The textile industry in Xiaoshan covers chemical fibers, cotton spinning, waving, dyeing and printing, lace including computer embroidery, knitting and garment so on and so forth, a complete industrial chain. The current spinning capacity is 1.82 million tons, production capacity of fabrics 3.5 billion meters and dyeing and printing goods 4.2 billion meters. The output and profits in 2002 of textile industry accounted for 50.2% and 45.7% of the total output and profits of Xiaoshan.

The equipment level of Xiaoshan textile industry is high. For example, 60% of polyester spinning use internationally advanced melt direct spinning technology, 83% of looms are shuttless, among which 35% are imported high-grade shuttless looms,  and internationally first-class equipment are widely used in cotton spinning, dyeing and printing, press dyeing and printing.

Xiaoshan textile industry has an obvious technical advantage. There is a state-level technical center, 3 provincial level technical centers and 25 district-level technical centers. More than 80 enterprises obtained the identification of ISO9000 and 10% employees of those enterprises are junior or above technicians and 3.5% are middle or senior technicians. Linjiang Dyeing and Printing Industrial Park, Yaqian Textile Park, Dangshan Textile Park and (Southeastern Garment Park) in Xiaoshan provide a favorable base for the concentration of textile industry.

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