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Zhangjiagang City of Jiangsu

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As a new-emerging port city lying in the southern bank of the down flow of Yangzi Rive, Zhangjiagang covers an area of 999 square kilometers with more than 850thousand people. In 2002, the GDP of the city reached 36.5billion yuan, which is to say each person owns US$5000 of GDP, and fiscal income 4.3billion yuan. The city is one of the first few of 100 best economic-performance cities appraised by China Statistics Bureau lately.

Textile industry is one of the pillar industries in Zhangjiagang, which realized 23.1billion yuan of output value in 2002 accounting for 28.1% of the overall industrial output of the city and taxation 1.5billion yuan occupying 28.3%, employing 100thousand people taking up 40% of the total employment of the city. Textile industry is endowed with a complete and extensive production pattern including cotton weaving, wool weaving, knitting, garment, chemical fiber and dyeing and printing. The output of chemical fibers in 2002 was 350thousand tons, yarns 350thousand tons, wool yarns 250thousand tons, cord fabrics 40thousand tons, wool fabrics 33million meters, cloths 180million meters and dyed and printed cloths 250million meters. Led by Huafang Group and mainly consisted of European Worsted Spinning City, Junma Chemical Fibre Co.,Ltd, Jiangsu Gangyang Group, Tianyu Wool Spinning Company, Jiangsu Dongdu Group Co.,Ltd, Tianba Spandex Yarn Factory and Pukun Textile Industrial Co.,Ltd, there fashioned a centralized manufacturing area of textile industry. Deji town, a spandex yarn town, with the annual production capacity of 80thousand tons and Miaoqiao town, a town with concentrated manufacturing of woolen sweater, with annual production capacity of 220million pieces are also in Zhangjiagang.

Zhangjiagang will fully utilize its current industrial advantages to promote the speed of technical upgrading and enhance efforts to invite investment to further aggrandize the effect of large scale and concentration. The city will also encourage the development of larger-scale demonstrative enterprises, which can drive the development of textile industry in the whole city, and foster a batch of textile industrial bases with their own specialties. By the end of the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the sales income of the textile industry in the city is targeted to reach 35billion yuan, which will make new contribution to the realization of its modernization ahead of other cities.

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