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Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

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Zhongshan city is located in the central-south of Zhujianng Delta, covering 1800 square kilometers, populated with 1.35 million people. The city is the hometown of Dr. Sun Yetsen, a great revolutionary fore-runner, and is also famous as an “ overseas Chinese hometown”, estimating more than 800,000 compatriots residing overseas, in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

With unswerving strategy to implement industrialization to build and strengthen the city, the government adopts new-module industrialization policy to have achieved 41.6 billion RMB in local GDP, and134.4 RMB in industrial gross output in 2002, of which the textile & apparel production reached 22.1 RMB. The industrial centralization on casual wear in Shaxi Town, blue-jeans in Dachong Town, knit wear in Xiaolan Town and the fabrics in Minzhong Town has marked a growth of industrial agglomerations, turning out a number of famous brands such as Crocodile,Mark Cheung, Feel -100%, Jianlong, Hum Phry.

The business environment in the city is most attractive, inviting 20 of the world top 500 companies to visit here. The city has complete infrastructures that provide 1153 kilometers of road, and is in the vicinity of 5 big airports within 90 kilometers in radius range, and its harbor is placed in the Top Tens in the nation for its containers handling capacity. The city is abundant in water and power supply, possessed of well-developed telecom systems and excellent industrial environment. The industrial centralization is implemented to have built up Zhongshan Textile Industry Town, Minsan Industrial Development Zone. The government provides policy support to promote the industrial growth, and lay stresses on inter-agencies for their role, which extends more services textile and apparel enterprises. The government optimizes its services in an effort to construct all-round investment service system characterizing market and society orientation, to create an ideal social environment for investors to settle down at ease, to get policy inclinations, and to get rich.

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