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China Famous City of Gloves - Gaozhou City of Guangdong Province

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Located in the Southwestern Guangdong and established as early as A.D.598 as the capital city and the economic, military and cultural center of western Guangdong, Gaozhou occupying an area of the 3276 square kilometers with 1.55million residents, is a historical famous city of culture in provincial level. Since the early of the 1980's, protective gloves have undergone the development from small scale with rare varieties to the large scale with rich varieties in Gaozhou, which has grown into the production base of protective gloves.

The output and exports of protective gloves in Gaozhou keep increasing in recent years. The export volume in 2002 reached 25.92million dozens at the value of 380million US$, taking up more than 40% of the country's overall exports of protective gloves. By now there are 430 enterprises involving in the production of gloves in Gaozhou, which employ totally more than 80thousand laborers and can create nearly 4billion yuan output value each year. With 120 odd series like leather, knitted, cloth, PVC and fashion gloves, Gaozhou can produce more than 400million pairs of gloves annually. More than 100 protective gloves manufacturers in Gaozhou have the independent rights of import and export, whose products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America and Oceania.

In order to promote the development of glove and leather industry and strengthen the industrial guidance and management, Gaozhou municipal government aiming to be a big and strong glove industrial city regards the glove industry as the first industry enjoying the development priority and established Gaozhou Glove Industrial Association in 1999 to actively encourage and direct those exporting enterprises to continuously improve their market competitiveness and expand international market shares through enhancing brand consciousness, relying on information and technologies and inviting investments.

Gaozhou Municipal Government

Add: No 59 Zhongshan Rd Gaozhou City Guangdong

P.C. 525200

Tel:  0668-6662971

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E-mail: gzsfb@gaozhou.gov.cn

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