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China Famous City of Wedding and Evening Dress - Chaozhou City of Guangdong Province

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Chaozhou city is located in the eastern Guangdong Province and covers 3081 sq. kilos' land and 533 sq. kilos'sea. It is the city of talents gathered and economy highly developed with a population of 2.4 million. It is also the hometown for overseas Chinese and the national historic and cultural city. Furthermore, it is a new industrial city where industries have experienced rapid growth in recent years and the industrial output value is 21.5% up year-on-year. The pottery, garment, catering, electronic, plastic, stainless steel and printing and packing have developed to the leading industries in the city. The manufacturing of wedding and evening dresses is especially unique and tops all the industrial in the city. Chaozhou has been the largest production base and export source of wedding and evening dresses in South-East Asia.

Chaozhou embroidery is one of the four famous embroideries in China originated from Tang Dynasty. After so many years development, Chaozhou embroidery has been integrated into the production of wedding and evening dresses. Among all the 3,063 textile and apparel manufacturers, the production of the wedding and evening dresses has take the majority. Such companies are equipped with 550 thousand various garment machines, yearly producing 510 million pieces/sets of wedding and evening dress,realizing the sales turnover of 7.845 billion RMB and bringing into the country with US$ 642 million foreign currency by export. The products are mainly exported to over 20 countries and regions including USA, Spain, Russia, Finland and South-East Asia etc. The recently held International Famory Cup Design Award for wedding and evening dresses was a resounding success. In the last successive years, Chaozhou products have been on the top three of the list appraised by All American Annual Evaluation to Wedding Dresses in terms of the comprehensive strength. The Chaozhou products have been leading the wedding and evening dress fashion in Europe and America.

Friends from home and abroad are welcome to visit Chaozhou for communication, cooperation and business development in the final purpose of winning common development.

Mayor: Luo Wenzhi

Address: 70 Changli Rd., Chaozhou City, Guangdong

P.C. 521000

Tel: 0768-2231895


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