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China Famous City of Men's Wear - Zhucheng City of Shandong Province

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In the southeastern Shangdong Peninsula and with an area of 2138 square kilometers and 1.058million population, Zhucheng city, the Hometown of Dinosaur, is the hometown of Yushun, a wise emperor in ancient times in China. The total industrial output value of the city in 2002 reached 22.4billion yuan and export value reached 270million US$.

As the pillar industry of Zhucheng, the textile and clothing industry keeps a vigorous growth momentum. There are totally 306 textile and clothing enterprises in Zhucheng with the total assets of 3.36billion yuan, providing jobs for 44thousand people. A batch of modern textile industrial parks including Bridegroom Industrial Park, Sinoer Foreign Trade Industrial Area, Sangsha Industrial Park, Lanfeng Industrial Park, Haobao Industrial Park, Oriental Shuailin Industrial Park, China Textile Jinwei Industrial Park and Sida Industrial and Commercial Area have been established. The main products of Zhucheng’s textile and clothing industry are all kinds of shuttle-woven garments taking men’s suits and shirts as main part and knitted garments focusing on men’s under wear and outer garments. The annual production capacity of the textile and clothing industry in Zhucheng reaches 40thousand tons of yarns, 150million meters of fabrics, and 100million pieces of garments including 4million sets of suits, 2.6million pieces of shirts and 80million pieces of knitted garments. The output value and foreign exchange income earned by export in 2002 of the textile and clothing industry reached 5.1billion yuan and 100million US$ taking up 22.8% and 24.5% of the whole city. There emerged some dozen of brands well known at home and abroad in Zhucheng such as Bridegroom, Sangsha, Lanfeng, Haobao, Shuailin, Luyi and so on. Bridegroom Sinoer products are exempted from state inspection. Bridegroom is China-famous brand. Lanfeng is the famous brand of Shandong.

Zhucheng with an aim to build itself an important production and exporting base of textile and clothing industry in China will further enlarge the effect of industrial concentration, optimize industrial structure and improve the integrated competitiveness of the textile and clothing industry to realize the production capacity of 200million pieces each year by 2005.

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