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China Famous City of Knitting - Xiangshan Town of Zhejiang Province

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In the middle coastal area of Zhejiang, Xiangshan town is encircled with seas in three directions. With a land area of 1175 square kilometers and water area of 5350 square kilometers, Xiangshan has a population of 534thousand people and 800 kilometers coastline. The GDP of the town in 2003 reached 10.8 billion yuan. Xiangshan is one of the top 100 towns with regard of integrated economic strength in China.

The kniiting industry is the pillar industry of Xiangshan, which provides jobs for 50 thousand people. Totally there are 756 knitting enterprises in Xianshan, among which 6 are listed as national top 50 knitting enterprises. The annual production capacity of Xiangshan’s knitting industry reaches 600million pieces. The output value of knitting industry in 2003 was 10.2 billion yuan taking up 40% of the whole industrial output value in Xiangshan, sales income 9.6 billion yuan accounting for 39.5%. 95% of the knitted products in the town are for export with USA, Japan and European countries and regions as the main destinations. The delivery value in 2003 hit 9.2 billion yuan accounting for 80% of the whole town. Three China well-known brands and famous brands of Giant Eagle, Winsong and Yeren are in Xiangshan and more than 30 internationally famous brands consign production and processing in Xiangshan, which has become the production and export base for knitted products in China.

Challenged by China's accession into WTO and economic globalization, in order to promote the development of regional featured economy and improve the industrial quality all around, Xiangshan will speed up the industrial upgrading substantially and realize the development of the knitting industry by leaps and bounds through forming integrated production lines of weaving, bleaching, dyeing, printing, finishing, embroidery and manufacturing and establishing a knitting industrial park with an area of 12 square kilometers.

Commerce and Trading Bureau of Xiangshan, Xiangshan Knitting Industrial Association

Add: 12 Floor, Green Leave Building Tianan Rd Xiangshan Zhejiang

Zip code: 315700

Tel: 0574-65715571 (Commerce and Trading Bureau )  65752956( Association)

Fax: 0574-65723023


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