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China Famous Town of Jean Wear - Sanbu Town, Kaiping City of Guangdong Province

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Sanbu town is in the southwestern to the Pearl River Delta and occupies an area of 32.4 square kilometers. As the residence place of 138thousand native people and 60thousand people from other provinces, Sanbu is also a nationwide famous hometown of oversea Chinese. There are 115thousand oversea Chinese in Sanbu. The output value in 2002 of the town reached 10.17billion yuan. When conducting the strategy of invigorating the town through industrialization in light of high starting point, high technologies, high benefits and environmental protection, Sanbu attaches development priority to the jeanswear industry and developes a batch of internationally advanced jeanswear enterprises. Sanbu becomes the production and exporting base of jeanswear of Guangdong and even China. By now there are 142 jeanswear enterprises in Sanbu absorbing 19thousand labors among which 2300 are technical professionals. Fulin, Benda, Zhongyuan, Xingshinian, Pingfeng etc are excellent enterprises with high output value, large scale, advanced machinery and famous brands. The annual output of denim fabrics and garments reaches 160million meters and 8million dozens among which 9000 meters and 7million dozens are for export.

The jeanswear industry created 7.356billion yuan output value accounting for 72.32% of the town's overall industrial output value, 306million yuan taxation income taking up 73.24% of the whole town, 493million yuan profits accounting for 76.52% of the whole town and foreign exchange income equal to 65.87% of the whole town. More than 20 brands of Sanbu's jeanswear industry like Dot and Easy are enjoying a good reputation at home and abroad. Most of 15.2thousand machines totally owned by the town's jeanswear industry are internationally advanced. With the aim of increasing the output value of jeanswear industry in Sanbu to 12billion yuan, Sanbu will promote the development of the jeanswear industry all out to ensure its fist industrial position in the town through devoting major efforts to developing famous brands and technical innovation.

Add: No 1 Siming Rd, Sanbu Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province

Zip Code: 529300

Contact: Deng Shixin

Tel: 0750-2387930

Fax: 0750-2282596

E-mail: sanbu@kaiping.gov.cn

Web Site: sanbu.kaiping.gov.cn

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