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China Famous Town of Jean Wear - Junan Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong Province

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Located in Shunde district of Foshan city Guangdong province, JunAn town occupies an area of 81.3square kilometers where lives 84thousand permanent residents and 60thousand people from other places. It's not only a historically famous town but also the hometown for oversea Chinese, the town of Chinese opera, the town of Guangdong's folk arts and the home of Li Xiaolong, internationally well-known Kongfu star.

The output value of the town in 2002 was 4.342billion yuan among which 3.5billion yuan were created by the textile and apparel industry. Be crowned with the title of Jenaswear Town and Apparel Town, JunAn is in possession of more than 1000 textile and apparel enterprises, among which 80% engage in production of the jeanswear. The annual output of jeanswears in JunAn reaches 80million pieces. As one of the largest production bases of the jeanswear, JunAn owns more than 600 brands including Seborn, Adlo,Pitous,Biaoqi,Cikelon,Longwei etc.

In order to strengthen the development of jeanswear industry, JunAn government industry drafted a series of projects. Changxing Textile Industrial Park the manufacturing base of jeanswear will be established. JunAn International Jeanswear Park, a large-sized displaying and trade platform for jeans fabrics, accessories and clothes, will be built. The two brands of JunAn Jeanswear and LiXiaolong Tourism will be set up. Changxing Textile Industrial Park occupying an area of 600 hectares will be furnished with wastewater treatment systems, steam and water supplying systems for production use as well as a substation. Occupying 200thousand square meters, JunAn International Jeanswear Park whose overall sales exceeds 1billion yuan holds more than 300 booths. Welcome to JunAn for a visit and cooperation. Wish a bright future for us!

Economic Development Office of JunAn Government

Add: No 8 YongAn Rd JunAn Town Shunde District Foushan City Guangdong Province

P.C. 528329

Tel:0757-25386916  25386918  25386919

Fax: 0757-25386932

Email: jajfb@shunde.net

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