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China Famous Town of Knitting Underwear - Gurao Town, Chaoyang District, Shantou, Guangdong Province

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Gurao is the pilot town for the Guangdong provincial project of technology innovation to central and industrial towns. The town enjoys convenient transportation and covers an area of 71.8 square kilometers. It has the permanent population of 133,500, not calculating 100, 000 emigrants to abroad and Chinese Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The town's industries have 60 thousand employees, including 30 thousand non-locals. In 2003, the town achieved the gross industrial output of RMB 2.68 billion.

Since the implementation of opening-up and reforms policy, Gurao has stick to the strategy of Developing Town's Economy by Industry and Developing Town's Industry by Brand. Taking the full advantages as the hometown for overseas Chinese, the town has pay great efforts to attract investment from foreigners, overseas Chinese and local private circle in all ways and channels, to support developing industrial enterprises. At his background, the knitting industry is boomed to the mainstay of the town. In the last years, the town has put RMB 1.5 million in importing 32, 000 sets of computerized embroidery machines, warp looms, and seaming machines to build an integrated industrial production line of twisting, warp knitting, computerized embroidery, dyeing and printing, after-finishing, products processing and the supply of spare parts and accessories. Up to date, the town has 396 knitting companies and over 200 family workshops for the production of underwear. Over 20 backbone companies as Guangdong Sihai Group, Hongchang Weaving Co., Ltd and Lisheng Knitwear Company are well known across the country. The town has successfully fostered a batch of famous brands as Ouslandai and Xiadaifang. The knitting underwear products are well sold to over 30 countries and regions as USA, France, Russia, Japan and Hong Kong. The products are also popular in the domestic markets. In 2003, the knitting underwear industry achieved the RMB 2.54 billion's output, accounting for 95% of the town's total of all industries.

The investment environment is getting matured in the town. Over RMB 200 million has been absorbed in the infrastructure construction of road, water provision and power provision. Supported by Gurao Industrial Zone, Textile, Dyeing and Printing Industrial Zone, Shenyang Textile and Apparel Industrial Zone and Textile and Apparel Wholesaling Market, the textile and apparel industries in Gurao Town will surely witness the rapid future development.

Address: 62 Huimin Rd., Gurao Town, Chaoyang Dist., Shantou City, Guangdong

P.C. 515159

Tel: 0754-7617367

Fax: 0754-7617367

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