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China Famous Town of Jean Wear - Dachong Town, Zhongshan City of Guangdong Province

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Located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, Dachong town occupies an area of 45.5 square kilometers and has the permanent population of 28thousand as well as 50thousand people coming from other places. The town was awarded as the Hygiene Town of Guangdong, the Well-off Town, the Pilot Town for Technical Innovation in Guangdong and so on. The industrial output value in 2002 of the town reached 3.27billion yuan.

As the pillar industry of the town, textile and clothing industry contributes 57% for the industrial output value of the town. Taking jean wear as its own feature, the textile and clothing industry of the town owns 670 enterprises in total, among which 280 are manufacturers of jean wear and relevant products, and 350 brands which enjoy a popular market all around the world. Jean wear produced in DaChong are obviously advantageous in designing, processing, fashion sense and technology especially the water-washing technology which keeps ahead in China.

Equipped with 22thousand sets of textile and apparel machines, DaChong textile and clothing industry has shaped the complete manufacturing line integrating spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing, computer embroidering, printing, ready garment and sale together. The annual production capacity of the jean fabric and jean wear of the town reaches 90million meters and 75million pieces. A mass of enterprises enjoying advanced managements, profound technologies, good quality and corporate image and the first-class mechanisms of talent and market keep enhancing the influence and increasing the distribution channels of Dachong’s jean wear industry.

Taking a far-sight view, Dachong government devised 12 projects in 2003 including the construction of the Water-washing base in Antang Industrial Area, the construction of Textile Industrial Park in Qingang Industrial Area, the construction of Garment Manufacturing Park in Lantian and Qinan Industrial Areas and the construction of denim fabric commercial street in Zhongxin Rd. A waste-water treatment mill with the daily treatment capacity of 30thousand tons will be established to solve the bottle-neck problem of the whole town's garment manufacturing industry and upgrade the industrial chain. Dachong town will further enlarge and enhance the jean wear industry with an aim to bring its economy, brand, management, technology and designing to a new height.

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