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China Famous Town of Textile Machinery - Wangtai Town, Jiaonan City of Shandong Province

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Located in the western coast of Qingdao, Wang Tai has 46thousand population and occupies an area of 85 square kilometers. The output value of the town in 2003 reached 3.2billion yuan and the income per farmer registered at 5600yuan. The town was awarded as the trial town of the reform for integrated economic strength in state level, national scientific &technical park of township enterprises, model town of modern construction in Shandong and so on.

As the traditional industry enjoying the most obvious advantages in the town, textile machinery industry realized 2.65billion yuan output value, 2.9billion yuan sales value and 150million yuan tax revenue in 2002 accounting for 70%, 72% and 68% respectively of that of the whole town. There are totally 175 textile machinery manufacturers in the town, which can produce 70000sets of machines each year. Xinghuo Group is the largest manufacturing group of shuttle-less looms with richest categories in China and ranks the 6th place, 3rd place and 2nd place in terms of profits, tax revenue and sales value in 2001 among all textile machinery manufacturers in the country. There are totally 5000 manufacturing machines, among which 374 sets are imported and 100 sets are internationally advanced CNC, 3 technical research centers in Qingdao municipal level and 1 technical research center in provincial level in the town. Providing the job positions for 20000 people, the textile machinery manufacturing industry absorbs 18% of the total labors engaged in the second industry in the town. 15 enterprises passed the identification of ISO9000 and more than 20 products are listed as the new products in state level and high-tech products in city level of Qingdao. For example, products registered with Yinchun are recognized as China’s Famous Brand Product and JW2000 water-jet looms and MJ317 towel rapier looms are recognized as State Important New Products. FN201 combined carding machine won the national second award of technical progress. The sales of carding machines of the town and water-jet looms accounted for three quarters and a half of overall national sales of the same product. They are also sold to foreign countries and regions like Japan, South Korea, Australia, Africa and so on.


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