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China Famous Town of Casual Wear - Yinglin Town, Jinjiang City of Fujian Province

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Yinglin Town is located in the southeast Fujian Province, facing Kinmen across the sea. The town covers an area of 29.8 square kilometers and has the population of residential 44,700 and non-residential 50, 000. It is the famous hometown for 30,000 overseas Chinese. In 2003, the town achieved RMB 2.402 billion's GDP and RMB 230 million revenue. The net income per capita reached RMB 8,000. It ranked the fifth of all towns in Fujian Province in terms of the comprehensive economic strength in 2002 and was honored Famous Apparel Town of Fujian by the provincial government.

Casual wear industry is one of the mainstays to Yinglin Town. There are all together 1,191 garment manufacturers in the town, employing 67,000 workers. In 2003, the apparel industry's output exceeded 158 million pieces valued RMB3.82 billion. In the same year, the industry achieved RMB3.66 billion's sales turnover, RMB357 million's profits tax and US$ 310 million’s foreign currency by export. The products range covers business suit, sports wear, casual wear, jacket, T-shirt, children's wear and business trousers etc. The industry has successfully built up 42 brands and set up over 20,000 stores and sales agencies. The sales network has reached the most big or medium cities across the country and over 100 countries and regions.

Yinglin Towns has the quite matured industrial chain, covering spinning, weaving, dyeing, garment manufacturing, accessories supply, market sales and logistic service. The garment industrial park covering 3 square kilometers and fabric and garment wholesaling markets have driven the town to be the important production base of casual wear.


Address: 1 Yingwu Rd, Yinglin Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province

P.C. 362256

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