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China Famous Town of Trousers - Hanjiang Town, Shishi City of Fujian Province

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With an area of 38.4 square kilometers and more than 50 thousand permanent residents, Hanjiang is located in the northern part of Shishi city. Hanjiang was the portal city of Quanzhou, which was called Bright City and the Biggest Port in Eastern China in Song dynasty, and the starting point of the water route of Silk Road. Having a state-class port, namely Shihu port and two world-class cultural heritages namely Liusheng Tower of Song Dynasty and Linluandu of Tang Dynasty.The output value of the town in 2002 reached 2.8billion yuan. The town was awarded as Model of Small Towns with Good Economic Development in China, Cultural Town of Riddles Written on Lanterns and Advanced Town with regard of health-improvement of rural citizens.

There are 285 textile and clothing enterprises with the total annual production capacity of 50million pieces in the town. Mainly producing pure cotton and non-ironing leisure trousers, these enterprises are grouped together to play a leading role in promoting the development of the town's trousers industry. The main brands of Hanjiang's trousers include Ping, Baowei, Weiming, Zhouzhi, LaoRencheng, Wei Lanqi and Weipai etc, which are either the well-known brands of China or the famous brands of Fujian.

Shihugang Scientific Technology Park with an area of 20 square kilometers taking chemical fiber industry as the main development direction is under strenuous construction, which is another attraction of Fujian’s export-orientated economy. A Trousers Industrial Base in Hanjian occupying an area of 2000mus is attracting many famous trousers enterprises in and out of Fujian. Relying on the adjacent textile industrial bases such as WuBao Dyeing&Finishing Base, which is well-known at home and abroad, Mandarin Duck Pool Textiles Market where the annual turnover reaches 12billion yuan and Shishi Garment City which combines products displaying, wholesale and exhibition together, Hanjiang forms its own complete industrial chain.


General Secretary of the Town: Liu Jianping    Town Governor: Li Huaizhong

Add: Government Court of Hanjiang Shishi Fujian


Tel: 0595-8685992  8680841

Fax: 0595-8686341

E-mail: abc8686110@sina.com

Web site: hanjiang.shishi.gov.cn   

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