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China Famous Town of Down Based Hometextiles - Xintang Street, Xiaoshan District, Zhejiang Province

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Xintang Street of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province 14 kilometers distant away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport with convenient transportation, the Down-Based Hometextile Town covers 35 square kilometers, a population of 45000. For over 20 years since the Reform & Opening in China, the hometextile industry, with feathers as raw material, has gained much progress at a fast rate, as the year of 2003 witnessed RMB8 billion for its industrial output value, RMB460 million for profits, RMB2.35 billion for export volume. The hometextile industry accounts for 81% of the local GDP. At the 45th Annual Conference organized by International Feather Bureau, Xiaoshan was crownded with Town of Feather Products, while Xintang is hometown of Xianshan in terms of feather & down products, which takes up a half strong of the country, a quarter of the world in its production and trade volume. Xintang is nominated by Zhejiang Province as specialized production area & town - Town of Feather Products.

Xintang Street has 428 enterprises for hometextiles, accounting for 80.5% of its industrial enterprises in number. There are 95 above-benchmark companies, and 13 companies whose output values surpass RMB 100 million. The products are provided in complete ranges: bed-textiles, feather made-ups & comforters etc. In 2004, the export from this Xintang Street amounted to RMB3.2 billion, 32% of industrial output total. The equipment level is at the forefront of nation’s average, as most of them are imported from Japan, Italy, etc., namely, sewing machines, overlocking machine, digital pattern-making, cutting machine, feather analyser, needle-monitoring equipment.

Address: Xintang, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province

Post: 311201

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