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China Famous Town of Chemical Fiber & Weaving - Dangshan Town, Xiaoshan District, Zhejiang Province

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Situated on the riverside of Qiantangjiang, 30-minute drive to the city, covering 49.7 square kilometers, populated with 43,700 people, Danshan Town, in 2002, reached RMB 8 billion for its industrial and agricultural gross output value, with RMB7.5 billion for the industry, and is the top 100 towns, stand in the honor list of Education Towns, and Health & Hygiene Towns in Zhejiang Province.

There are about 400 industrial enterprises in the town, 143 of them are weavers for synthetic fabrics, and the chemical fiber production reaches 525,000 tons a year, in addition, there are about 10,000 looms that makes it possible to have a production of more than 500 million meters of fabrics. In 2002, the total output value from these weavers of synthetic fabric amounted to RMB 6 billion, responsible for 80% of the total economy in the town, and is the largest production base for China Light & Textile Town, Keqiao, of the Asia largest textile distributing center. The synthetic weaving companies in Dangshan Town are featured with large capacity, strong technical power, high quality and highly growing potentials. All the looms in the town are shuttless by 100%, and the imported high-end air-jet and Rapier looms take up the majority. 12 enterprises have set up their own in-house technology center respectively, and over 30 enterprises have license for import/export business, and have set up trade companies. At present, Zhejiang Xiangsheng Group Co., Hangzhou Hongyu Textile Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Zhenya Textile Co. Ltd. are in the process of investing a RMB 2 billion chemicial fiber project, and it is expected that the total chemcial fiber production will surpass 1.5 million tons a year, the production chains of chemical fiber — weaving — dyeing & finishing sectors will further be strengthened.

Dangshan Town, as inspired by the concept of strengthening the town with industry, establishing the town with manufacturing, is focused on the growth of the industry clusters, promotion & development, and improvement. In recent years, about RMB100 million has been invested in infra-structure to provide convenience of utilities for industrial development, and in the meantime, has intensify our efforts to invite international investment and to support the industry. By the 2007, the chemical fiber output in the town will have reached 1.8 million tons, synthetic fabric for 600 million meters to the effect that the famous town for chemical fibers & woven fabrics will turn out to be more characteristic and advantegeous.


Address: Chuanbei Rd., Dangshan Town, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang

Post: 311245

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