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China Famous Town of Spandex Yarn - Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City of Jiangsu Province

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Jingang Town lies at the intersection of the two economic development belts of China Coast and Yangtz River. The town covers 125.9 sq. kilometers and has the population of 165,000. Zhangjiakang Port, Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone and Jiangsu Yangtz River International Chemical Industrial Park are all located in the town where has the favorable investment environment. In 2003, the town realized the industrial sales turnover of RMB9 billion and the revenue of RMB220 million.

The spandex yarn industry in the town has developed to a certain scale. Now, there scatters 165 spandex manufacturers in the town with totally 1.2 million spindles. The main products covers over 100 varieties in 3 series of spandex core-spun yarn, spandex covered yarn and spandex covered thread. In 2003, the output surpassed 150, 000 tons, accounting for 20% of the country's total. In the same year, the industry realized RMB3.8 billion's sales turnover, with the market share over 20%. The town's industry has been equipped with nearly 100 up-to-date automatic winders imported from Italy or Germany and over 10 blowing-carding lines domestically made or imported from UK. A large group of companies as Zhangjiagang Tianba Spandex Yarn Factory, Jiangsu Huafu Knitting & Chemical Fiber Factory, Jinling Textile, Shuangyang Spandex Yarn Company, Chaonan Spandex Gauze Company and Yangtz River Cotton Textile Company has passed ISO9000 quality management certification.

Jingang Spandex Yarn Association has paid much attention to the quality of the quality and implements the quality spot check on the regular or irregular basis. The such strict measures ensure the whole quality of products. The town is striving for an integrated base of new products development, manufacturing and market supply of spandex yarns at the national level or even the world level.


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