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China Famous Town of Wool Sweater - Hengshan Town, Wujiang City of Jiangsu Province

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Hengshan Town is situated in the vicinity of the picturesque Lake Tai, covering 82.6 square kilometers, populated with 86,000 people, of whom, 40,000 are immigrants from other Provinces. In 2002, the industrial output value reached RMB2.9 billion, and export value for US$56 million, and is honored as a town of health and hygiene in Jiangsu Province, and a town of modernized education, and a town of telephone coverage in the Province.

The wool sweater production started at the end of 70s' in the 20th century, and has now grown into an industry with outstanding characteristics. Of 7000 households, 3500 are directly engaged in wool sweater production. Of 2059 enterprises, 2024 are wool sweater producers. 50,000 people are involved in production; there are 45,000 hand-driven flat knitting machines, 5000 electro-driven flat knitting machines, and 120 computerized ones. Around 40 million RMB is invested in R & D. The annual production reaches 120 million units of wool sweaters that find increasing markets in middle & small – sized cities and rural areas. At present, 80% of the products are sold in domestic market while the remaining 20% is for export. The annual sale turnover is RMB billion, 67% of the town’s total, with annual profit & tax for RMB million, 76% of the town’s total, export delivery value for RMB million, 98.5% of the town' total. Referring to the marketing, the majority of the enterprises in this town take the normal way of sales shop in the fore-front of the building, and back-yard as production area, and also set up sale networking posts in the important sweater shopping center in Puyuan of Zhejiang Province, and Hengshan of Jiangsu Province. Additionally, a wool sweater R & D center was also in operation to develop new products, new styles, and a knitting textile science & technology park is also set up. To meet the requirement of most house-based producers for growing their business into economic scale, a 33,000 square meters of wool sweater shopping center is built. Hengshan wool sweater industry was determined as one of the 20 economic sectors with unique characteristics to enjoy preference programs for further development. The government of the town is striving to quicken their steps to grow larger and stronger in the sweater industrial clustering area, aggrandize synergetic effect, and strengthen the integrated power and competitive advantages.


Address: 88 Huanhu Rd., Hengshan Town, Wujiang City, Jiangsu

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