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China Famous Town of Leisure Clothes - Haiyu Town, Changshu City of Jiangsu Province

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Located in the southern bank of the Yangzi River's down stream, Haiyu town faces Shanghai in the east and connects with Wuxi in the west. Nantong is in the north to HaiYu. Occupying an area of 106 square kilometers, Haiyu, once awarded National Hygienic Town and National Beautiful Environment Town, lives 92thousand permanent residents and 50thousand non-natives. With the second largest comprehensive strength among all towns in Changshu, HaiYu registered 2.66billion yuan GDP in 2003, 370 million yuan fiscal incomes and 550 million yuan taxation. Fashion industry makes one-third contribution to the overall GDP. Oct 12 of each year is HaiYu Fashion Day, which has been held for 13 times. Lots of foreign and domestic businessmen come to HaiYua on that date, which greatly promotes the development of HaiYu's fashion industry.

Leisure clothes are the main products of HaiYu's apparel industry. Fei Xiaotong, famous socialist, honored the town saying a small town in Southern China can provide clothes for the whole country. There are 502 apparel enterprises in the town employing 38 thousand people. The output in 2003 reached 150 million pieces creating 2.5 billion yuan sales revenue and 40million USD foreign exchange income. When providing high quality processing service to foreign famous brands, HaiYu's apparel industry also fosters its own well-known brands like Qiuyan, LongDafei, Renli, Red Fir, Tebiet, Aupecher, GoldFox etc.

The industrial environment in HaiYu is favorable. There is a 5 square meters apparel industrial park and 60 relevant service enterprises. The Apparel Chamber of HaiYu will do its best to provide good services for enterprises and promote the development of the apparel industry through strengthening the leisure clothes industry in respects of tastes, fabrics, trade and export.


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