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China Famous Town of Underwear - Chendian Town, Shantou City, Guangdong Province

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Chendian Town is located in the west of Chaonan Dist., Shantou City, 400 kilos away from Guangzhou. The town covers an area of 28.3 sq. kilos with over 100,000 local residents and 50,000 floating population. It is also the hometown for overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong, Maocao and Taiwan, that numbers totally more than 30,000. Chendian was entitled the 100 Top Towns in terms of township enterprises development by Guangdong Provincial Government in 1998 and Center Town in 2003.

Chendian started its underwear industry as early as 1980s. There are 528 producers of underwear in the town with a year output of 200 million pieces, of which two are scale-sizable enterprises with the year turnover exceeding RMB 5 million. This local industry has registered 550 brands and 60 patents for underwear and bra. There are additional 100 producers of fabric, computer embroidery, lace and sponge and over 300 specialty shops of bra to support and complement the underwear production. More than 40,000 town residents are engaged in the production and sales of underwear and bra. 17 companies have been certificated ISO9001, 13 approved ISO14001 and 26 authorized for direct export.

Enjoying the heaven-vouchsafed opportunities, terrestrial advantages and people’s unity, Chendian Town looks forward to the future cooperation and investment for the common development in the joint hands with partners from all corners, that will be supported by the local advantageous business environment and preferential policies.

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