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China Famous Town of Nonwoven Fabric - Pengchang Town, Xiantao City, Hubei Province

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Located southeast of Xiantao, Pengchang owns an area of 162 square km and a population of nearly 100,000. As a central town of Hubei Province, Penchang is famous as a national trail basis of young enterers for its non-woven fabrics industry park.

In 2003, its total industry outcome value is 1.78 billion RMB that covers 80% of total industry & agriculture outcomes and its fiscal revenue is 36.25 million RMB. As the dominated industry, non-woven fabrics are produced from 116 enterprises with 15,000 staff and 12,000 facilities. The annual tax is more than 20 million RMB.

In 2002, the export volume of non-woven fabrics from Pengchang is over 1.2 billion RMB as 35% of the national total export. Pengchang has become the top one town for non-woven fabrics manufacturers and processors. Its products are delivered to oversea markets including America (50%), Europe Union (25%), Asia as Japan & Korea (15%), Australia (5%), etc.

Pengchang non-woven fabrics are applied to 8 fields (daily life, medical protection, tourist health, decoration & wrapping, civil engineering, aeronautic & astronautic, electric & chemistry engineering) of 50 types and 100 series. It has introduced the world-class technology for non-woven fabrics as Tyvek from America and membrane from Korea. Pengchang has identified short-term and long-term development strategy for non-woven fabrics: in 2005, there will be 100 enterprises each with an annual outcome value of 10 million RMB and more than 20, 000 staff, over 30-million-RMB tax, and more than &40 million export value; in 2007, the non-woven industry will has an annual outcome value of 3 billion RMB that covers more than half national outcomes. Based on the planning, Pengchang has made efforts to innovation and integration so as to establish a global brand with specialty of China.

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