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China Famous Town of Clothing Accessories - Baogai Town, Shishi City, Fujian Province

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Baogai, watching Taiwan across the Strait, is one of the most important towns located in the southeast coastal Shishi City of Fujian Province. The town enjoys the world reputation for its Waishou Tower and is the starting leg of the Sea Silk Road. The town covers 26 sq. meters with 35,000 local residents and 45,000 immigrants from other parts of the country.

The town has the regional advantages with the well-established infrastructures. It has developed an easy transport network of land-carriage, ocean-shipping and air-ferry extended in all direction. The town has over 300 clothing accessories manufactures with a gross year output of RMB 2 billion. The leading brand “Hua Lian” is reputed worldwide. Besides, the new established Baogai Technical and Industrial Zone has accommodated 50 plus companies with over 20,000 employees. As the largest-scale shoemaking & shoe-material basis, the town is planning to build up a Baogai Shoe Industry Park with an area of over 2,900 mu that has attracted more than 50 enterprises to move in. Currently, the town has one national famous brand Fuguiniao, two national brands as Weilanxi & Fuguiniao, three provincial brands as Hualian, Qiangli, and Di. The brands of Fuguiniao and Haodesheng have been recognized as top ten shoemakers in China.

To level up its industrialization and urbanization, Baogai is devoted to improving the investment environment, establishing the R&D, information technology and products promotion centers for the clothing accessories industry, speed up the cluster development of clothing accessories and accelerating the industrial upgrade.

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