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China Famous Town of Household Fabrics - Dama Town, Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province

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Located in southwest part of Tongxiang in Zhejiang Province, Dama is 48 km from Hangzhou. As one of provincial industry satellite towns, Dama has become famous hometown of bed cover since 1980s. It has an area of 32.6 square km and a population of 34,728.

Beginning from the early 1970s, the household industry has more than 4,000 families with 15,000 farmers working as manufacturers and processors and more than 2,000 farmers working as salesmen in domestic and foreign markets. By 2003, the town has totally 3,952 self-employed enterprises for household fabrics. The 2003 annual outcome value of this industry is 3.14 billion RMB. With the majority production on sofa cover, curtain, and pure silk fabrics, the annual product volume is 260 million meter including 150 million meter sofa cover, 110 million curtain, and 13 million meter bed cover with a wide range of quality. Most of the 15,000 weaving machines are domestic shuttleless air-jet looms. Besides, the town has a special market for raw material and supporting equipments. Several middle-scale enterprises integrate their resources with Zhejiang University to establish a sample development center to design, support and provide technology & service in the field of household fabrics. More than 150 transfer lines of logistics can deliver its products to domestic markets in the least time.

The municipal community party committee and government of Tongxiang encourage the development of the household fabrics industry by approving and implementing a detailed planning for regulation of household industry district of Tongxiang and a comprehensive planning of town construction of Dama in order to bring Dama into an economic new zone of production, science & research, trade, management, and service.

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