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China Famous Town of Elasticity-adding - Huangjing Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province

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Located in northeast part of Taicang, Jiangsu province, Huangjing has an area of 83 km2, a resident population of 50,800 and a migrant population of more than 30,000. It also has a geographic advantage of central area within Shanghai urban circle and 11 km gold-coast line along Yangtze River.

For the past few years, Huangjing has encouraged all the inspirations about self-employed business. Its industry and economy has made rapid progress. The local private capital is more than 3 billion RMB and nearly 50% peasants become shareholders and managing directors. In 2004, the fiscal revenue is 161 million RMB; the industry output value is 8.2 billion RMB; the fixed capital amounts to 1.068 billion RMB; and there are 150 enterprises have more than 10 million RMB annual sales.

Textile business including elasticity adding, textile, and garment is a leading industry for Huangjing. During the expansion of specialized elasticity adding trade, the town owns a national fashionable brand Yalu and other manufacturers as Shenjiu and Tongkun that are equipped with more than 1,600 elasticity adding facilities as more than 400 high-speed spinning machines. With an annual output of more than 700,000 ton, it is said that 20% elasticity adding products in the national market is produced in Huangjing. While the industry chain spreads out, from drawing, spinning, elasticity adding, manufacturing, dyeing & printing, finishing, and garment, more support and service are provided, covering quality evaluation, market integration, product development, brand building, and information service, etc.

As the development strategy of brand and specialty, the town encourages investors and partners, in particular in the empty and weak branches the of industry chain. Its important projects include R & D center, spinning & reeling, garment manufacturing, dyeing, printing, & finishing, fashion brand, etc.Welcome invest and cooperation.

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