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China Famous Town of Casual Garment - Shajiabang, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province

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Located in the southeast corner of the national famous historical and cultural city Changshu, Shajiabang has special geographic advantage and economic environment, 20-min from Suzhou, 2-hour from Nanjing, and 1-hour from Shanghai by car. Its 2003 annual fiscal revenues is 158 million RMB and total industry outcome value is 3.92 billion RMB.

Known as the hometown of garments, Shajiabang can produce 100,000 pieces of garment everyday. At present, the town has 412 garment companies as 52% of industry enterprises. The work staff is move than 20,000. In 2003, the garment industry made sales income of 1.47 billion RMB as 47% of the whole town, and tax of 150 million RMB as 45% of the whole town.

With high quality, popular fabric, simple style, reasonable price, mass orientation, its garment industry provides casual suits, casual jackets, casual trousers, coat, goose down garment, fashion clothing, wool sweater, wool trousers, underwear, etc. Among the more than 50 million pieces/suits of garment, nearly 80% are casual garment. By the adoption of world-class production lines, computer design, and tailor facilities of Germany, Italy, Japan, America, French, Korea, and other countries, some manufacturers have become OEM for the brands as Valentino, Playboy, etc., others have established its own reputation within Suzhou as Kabulang, Kuobo, Jinyue, Jinniulaoyeche, Baitiannu. Its products are delivered to over 200 municipal stores in China and more than 10 foreign coutries & areas including Japan, Korea, French, America, Malaysia, Uruguay, Guatemala, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.


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