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China Famous Town of Wool Sweater - Xingang Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province

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Located in the economy develop zone of Yangtze River Delta, Xingang has a total area of 114 square km and a population of 102,600. As a central town of Jiangsu Province, it has made industry production value of 5.8 billion RMB, fiscal revenue of 130 million RMB, and tax of 350 million RMB in 2003.

Since 1980s, the wool sweater manufacturing industry is booming in Xingang and almost all families have their own knitting machines and become processors. Currently, it has 442 wool sweater manufacturers, 240 self-employed processors, plus supporting facilities as reeling, spinning, dyeing, finishing, etc. The wool sweater manufacturers cover nearly half of the total enterprises in Xingang. The industry has employed more than 25,000 staff as over 50% of the total industry work force. The annual sales income of wool sweater is 2.8 billion RMB and the tax is over 100 million RMB.

The annual products of 58 million pieces/suits garments made of pure wool, cashmere, wool blend, pure silk, chemical fiber, and other various fabrics. With 2 provincial brands, 1 municipal brand, 2 provincial famous brands, its products as Kaishun, Yangfan, Yanyin has achieved national recognition. There are 18,000 knitting machines, 3,000 tailor facilities, 3,000 finishing equipments, and more than 800 advanced imported computer-knitting machines. Its wool sweaters are delivered to all major cities all over the country and exported to Japan, Korea, America, French, Hong Kong, and other countries & areas.

Xingang considers sustainable development as its approach, science & technology as its guide, and information & personnel as its channels to become one of largest-scale production basis for wool sweater in China in 3 years.

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