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China Famous Town for Nonwoven & Equipment - Zhitang Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province

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Situated in the center area of Yangzi River estuary, covering 128 square kilometers in territory, and a population of 73,4000, Zhitang Town is nominated as one of the country’s 500 towns by Ministry of Construction for receiving government's priority investment & support for township construction, and also is a new exemplary town in Jiangsu Province, and an important town for priority development and construction in the city, and an exemplary town for the government’s nomination as nation's clean & hygienic town.

Zhitang town is most famous for its non-woven machinery building(60% of the nation's total) and non-woven production(14% of the nation's total). By the end of 2004, the non-woven enterprises in the town had reached 210 in number, with total assets for RMB950 million, annual output value for RMB 2 billion, and sales turnover for RMB 1.8 billion. The products are sold across the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East and other countries. Zhitang is very creative in the fact that people here created three National Firsts: Zhitang is the first to successfully develop and commercialize the non-woven machine in the country, and Zhitang takes the first place in the production of non-woven machines and non-woven products, and also the first place in sales volumes in these two sectors in the country, thus, is often referred to as Town of Non-Wovens in China. Zhitang also takes the leading positions in many fields in terms of technology advancement and has gained patents for them, which received a lot of awards & honors from central , provincial and municipal governments for their technology and brand. The local government has been very active in introducing the enterprises to a series of production-university-R & D linkage & partnership with many important organizations , such as Shanghai Academy of Textile Science, Donghua University, Tianjin Industry University, China Industrial Textile & Non-Woven Association, Asia Non-Woven Association, China Geo-textile & Composites Association. At present, Zhitang has successfully developed a good number of new process technology and production methods, like spun-laced production line, 6.6m-width needle-punching geo-textile production line, high-speed needle-punching machine, spun-bonded production line, thus, laying a solid foundation on staying steadfast to the leading position in the market, further expanding market shares, and cultivating an ever-enduring stamina for future growth.

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