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Development Guidance Plan for Chemical Fiber Released

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The ‘11th Five-Year Plan development guidance of Chemical Fiber Industry’ (hereafter the ‘guidance’) gave a comprehensive summary of the achievements and problems in the development of China’s chemical fiber Industry in the ‘10th Five-Year Plan’ period. It made depth analysis on the changes in both external and internal environments and industrial trends.

Under the theme of promoting the strategic change of the industry from ‘quantity’ to ‘technology’, it further defined the development guiding ideology for Chemical Fiber Industry in the 11th Plan.

It put forward the technological direction of development in high-tech fibers, co-fibers and differential fibers. It clearly set the development objectives and priorities for the industry.

The ‘development guidance’ pointed out, the output of chemical fibers is expected to reach 23.5 million tons in 2010, with an average annual growth of 7.6 percent.

Chemical fiber processing volume is expected to reach 24 million tons, with an average annual growth of 7 percent. The proportion of differential fibers is expected to reach 40 percent.

The ‘guidance’ also highlighted the tasks of saving energy, maintaining friendly-environment, it for the first time enhanced binding indicators for the project targets.

It said that in comparison with the end of ‘10th Five-Year Plan’ period, the electricity consumption per 10 thousand yuan should be reduced by 20 percent, wastewater let per ton offiber should be debased by 10 percent, and exhaust emission should be decreased by 10 percent.

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