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Mar 2022 China cotton yarn exports declined slightly on the year

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China cotton yarn exports totaled 14.8kt in Mar, compared with 14.9kt in Mar 2021, 20.2kt in Mar 2020 and 29.6kt in Mar 2019, showing a downtrend in recent four years.

In terms of export varieties, it changed little. Uncombed 8.2-25S shared much more in total exports in Mar.

In terms of export volume, uncombed 8.2-25S increased by 132% on the year, combed 8.2-25S rose by 95% and uncombed 25-30.4S moved up 133% on the year; and combed 25-30.4S declined 35% and combed 8.2-25S ply yarn down 21%.

Among the export destinations, Bangladesh ranked the first with shares of 25%, followed by Vietnam and Pakistan. Hong Kong shared 2%, greatly down from 20% last year.

The export volume to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Cambodia all increased much, but overall volume was small.

In conclusion, Mar 2022 China cotton yarn export volume dipped on the year. The exported product structure did not change much and the export volume to Bangladesh increased much.

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