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CITME 2006 to Dress Up in Coming Oct.

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CITME 2004

CITME has its maiden exhibition held in 1988, is now becoming the most influential, the most established as well as the largest international textile machinery exhibition in China. CITME is regarded by the industry as a vital way to understand and to enter China textile market. And it is also an important platform for cooperation and exchange in this field. With its authoritative background and professional operation, CITME has become the first ever international textile machinery exhibition in China endorsed by UFI (Union of International Fairs) in 2002.

The 10th International Textile Machinery Exhibition, which is sponsored by China National Textile & Apparel Council ( CNTAC) and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade ( CCPIT) and organized by The Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT (CCPIT TEX) China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation (CIEC) and China Textile Machinery and Accessories Association, will be held at China International Exhibition Center, Beijing on Oct.17-21, 2006.

Over 10,000 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions will take part in CITME 2006 covering 65,000 square meters and a temporary hall with 8000 sqm is also available in order to meet the demand from the exhibitors. The exhibitors from China, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Britain, France, Korea, Taiwan PR China as national or regional pavilions will show their updated series of textile machinery. And the exhibitors coming from Belgium and Czechoslovakia will also attend CITME 2006 as national pavilion for the first time.

Oversea exhibitors pay a close attention to China and Asia markets taking an active part to CITME 2006

It is well known that China has become the most active country in the international textile machinery market with the great demand of the high-tech, efficient and steady-going textile machinery. It is the fact that the international exhibitors participate CITME actively, which shows the great reputation of CITME.

The renowned Italian manufacturer has more than 50 years of tradition in weaving machine designing, manufacturing, sales and servicing, and is a world leader in the technology of looms with "dynamically controlled" flexible rapiers, that distinguishes the G6300, SMIT Textile's great success model. For instance, SMIT Textile will exhibit its new models, the GS900 rapier loom and JS900 air-jet loom to customers attending CITME 2006 from all important textile areas of Asia. German national pavilion will exhibit its updated technology with about 2000 sqm at CITME 2006.

Sultex Limited will present its latest technical innovations on projectile and rapier weaving ma-chines at CITME, Beijing from October 17 to 21, 2006 in Hall 8, Booth 8E149.

P7300HP – a high-performance projectile weaving machine

The abbreviation “HP” stands for “High Performance”, which in itself expresses the greatest differ-ence between this model and its predecessor. The performance increase has been achieved by redesigning the projectile circuit and optimizing the motion sequences of all components. Despite the higher insertion rate, weft strain is not significantly increased. Thanks to design modifications, the shed remains open longer during each machine revolution. This allows insertion of more picks per minute at the same weft speed.

TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION will participate in the 10th China International Textile Machinery Exhibition.

Air-jet loom Model JAT710, which has been widely accepted as “ the most trustworthy machine in the world”, will be exhibited, and demonstrate its high-speed operation for difficult application.

Water-jet loom LW600 series will be renewed to a brand-new model, which all the state-of-the-art technologies from JAT710 are generously included, in October 2006 (New model
name is undecided). Toyota’s new water-jet loom will be announced in CITME for the first time in the world.

Furthermore, RX240NEW-EST ring spinning frame with compact yarn spinning device and
integrated slub yarn device will be shown with a demonstration of producing high quality yarn at high speed.

SANTEX GROUP will participation at CITME Beijing 2006

The SANTEX GROUP will be present at the exhibition with an area  of 175 sqm in its booth in Hall 8 Nr, F 109.

In this occasion we will show our outstanding finishing machine for open-width knitted fabrics, i.e. its felt belt compactor named Santacompact CK, including its pin frame and steaming device in front of the compacting unit.
By means of this machine, if properly dried previously, fabrics achieve residual shrinkage values after washing and tumbling which are internationally accepted by the most exigent retailers, i.e 3 % or below on Single Jersey and 5 % or below on Piquet, Rib, Interlook. Its full team of experts will be pleased to welcome you to our booth and to inform you about our vast range of possibilities in finishing technology.

Chinese exhibitors will display their latest products with high-tech

The growth of China’s export of textile machines has been keeping steady and double-quick as well. The export of textile machinery in the first half of 2006 reached USD 565 million, up by 41 percent year-on-year.

There are more than 800 domestic exhibitors attend CITME 2006 ( over 100 exhibitors at home are able to participate in the event since the field is limited). China Textile Machinery Group fix Hall B 1, the famous companies such as Pacific Mechatronic Group, Jiangsu Hongyuan Textile Machinery and others take part in the event with larger area showing their the newest products. And ShaanXi ChangLing Textile Mechanical & Electronic Technological Co.,Ltd. will present The YG062 AUTOMATIC TENSION TESTER, some of the textile laboratory instruments, YG136 evenness tester, YG136A evenness tester, YG172A hairiness tester, YG063 tension tester, DQSS-18 yarn clearer, etc. and CT2000、YG062G、PZKS00、DQSS-24、DQSS-25、DJ一1、YG067A will be showed for the first time.

Professional Seminar & Evaluation

The technical Seminars are regarded as one of the important activities and information exchange at CITME. Over 20 professional seminars to be held form Oct. 17, 2006 will be waiting for all the professional to attend. The seminars will be given good chances to listen to for the customers sharing the portentous, authoritative, modern and academic results.

The famous expert at home who are invited by the organizer to buildup “ Professional Technical Evaluating Group” to make fair-and-square evaluation and “ Technical Evaluation Report on Exhibits at CITME” will be published when CITME 2006 closes. The report would be a referenced to make the structure adjustment, update the products, equipment alteration and technical innovation for the professional in textile and textile machinery industry.

Summit Forum on Textile Machinery to be held at CITME 2006

Summit Seminar on Textile Machinery to be held in Beijing Kunlun Hotel at CITME 2006 on Oct. 18, 2006. The theme of CITME 2006 Summit Forum will be on the cooperation and development in textile machinery manufacture in 21st century. The event will welcome all circles to attend the forum making communication on cooperation and development such as the developing trend, the new theory, new technology, new resolving scheme in textile industry, etc. to sketch the wonderful future.

To persist in humanistic service at CITME

In order to make the visitors have successful business, the organizers will organize the buyers and professional and troops coming from different provinces in China to attend the event by its delicate serving, simple and convenient registration to have the visitors enjoy favourably negotiation circumstance.

To handle intellectual property rights (IPR) to safeguard the exhibitors’ legal interest

China has faced international pressure on its handling of intellectual property rights (IPR) five to ten years earlier than predicted. The organizers have reiterated its determination to improve the protection of intellectual property rights (IPRs) for CITME and urged to deal with copyright piracy.

Domestic companies must strengthen their IPR awareness, improve their innovative capacities and be active in patent applications at home and abroad legally. The organizer required all the exhibitors to sign IPR acknowledgment before CITME opens and will set up a counseling office on IPR at CITME to protect legal interest for the exhibitors.

ITMA Asia + CITME Takes Road to China by Puissant Union

CEMATEX (the European Committee of Textile Machinery Manufacturers), CTMA (China Textile Machinery Association), CCPIT-Tex (Sub Council of Textile Industry, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) and CIEC (China Exhibition Centre Group Corporation) have announced the signing of an agreement for cooperation which will start with the organization of ITMA Asia + Citme in 2008.

ITMA Asia + Citme 2008 will be held at the International Expo Centre in Shanghai from 27th to 31st July 2008, while the subsequent edition has already been scheduled for 2010 (the event will in fact be held every two years).

The previous two editions of ITMA Asia were held in Singapore, while CITME was launched in 1988 by CTMA, and its 10th edition will take place in Beijing next October.


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