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WTO Claim that China Textile Trade Account for 24% of Global Trade

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The comment on textile trade in issued just now is as follows:

The scraping of quota lead to more advantageous trade condition, but international textile & fashion trade is only increased by 5% in 2005 due to the slacking economy development and exchange rate in developed country. China textile& fashion export value is increased by 21%, higher than 2004, accounting for 24% in global textile & fashion trade or 31% without the trade value between EU. International textile & fashion price alternation is not so mild as anticipated China textile just decline occident market a little.  .

The threat from“market disturbance”including the disturbance from output of import country and employment contribute to re-quota. However, the data from occident market since 2000 show that the output and employment average decline, this trend can be delayed but not prevented by restriction measures.

In future years, global textile trade development lie on occident consumption decide. In last three years, American expending on textile will increase to higher than general consumption average though can not ensure to continually. The New quota in 2005 restrict China textile’s expanding during 2006-2007, but its annual increasing rate is still higher than the one of import, so China is anticipated to keep increasing import share in these two market while the competition pressure from occident textile will still exist.


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