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Third Batch of White List Enterprise Announced

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According to the “white list system management approach”, white list experts organized by China National Textile and Apparel Council , had verified the qualifications of enterprises. Finally including Youngor woolen dyeing and finishing Co Ltd, there are 34 companies accessed to the white list qualification. On November 23rd,the third batch of white list enterprises released by China National Textile and Apparel Council on its official net.

The white list management system is a quality and safety control system for textile industry products. It aimed at enhancing the safety management level of textile chemical and strengthening the awareness of security credit. To guide the establishment of the credit mechanism in the whole supply chain and market the credit operation mechanism of supply chain management and market. To provide an identification sign and an information platform for enterprises and consumers. To make the textile products more green and safe. Make sure that the health of consumers. To make commercial credit environment better and improve international competitiveness of the enterprises and the whole industry.

It is understood that, white list management system received more and more approvals from enterprises since the introduction. The white list experts were strict and highly responsible. During the reporting process, the managers begin to familiar with the specific requirements of the white list management system for chemicals. Awareness of safety management enhanced. As more and more enterprises join the white list management system, China textile safety factors will have been further improved.

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