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The trade with the EU was facing a grim situation

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According to customs statistics, January - May2012, China’s textile and apparel exports valued at USD 93.523 billion. Compared with the same period in 2011 increased 2. 63%. Among them, The exports to European Union( the EU) valued at USD 16.756 billion, accounted for 17.92 % of total exports to the global in textile and apparel, down 11. 17% y/y. The EU is one of the main markets for China’s textile and apparel exports. The negative growth highlights the grim situation of the European Union market .

Market share declined in the EU

The EU, the United States, and Japan had been the three main markets of China’s textile and apparel exports. Due to the influence of the whole economy in the EU, the market share declined significantly. According to Chinese customs data, January - May2012, The EU shared 17.92%of China’s textile and apparel exports, decreased 2.78% compared with the corresponding period in 2011. This is the first time for less than 20% over the past 5 years in the corresponding period. Depressed demand in the EU market have emerged.

Negative growth in the majority countries of the EU

According to the EU statistics, January - April 2012, Only 10 states maintained positive growth in textile and apparel imports from China . They were Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Cyprus, Romania and Sweden. The growth were 25.68%, 7.82%, 6.82%, 6.38%, 4.31%, 2.48%, 1.53%, 1.5%, 0.79% and 0.12% respectively . This 10 states accounted for only 7.41% of China’s total exports to the EU in textile and apparel. The remaining states showed different ranges of negative growth. Among them, Italy, Greece, and Spain experienced a significant negative growth ,for -16.69%,-11.86% and-10.23% respectively.

Negative growth in main products

According to the EU statistics, January - April 2012, China’s textile and apparel exports to the EU valued at 10.942 billion Euros. Of which, clothing valued at 8.583 billion Euros, occupied 78.44% of the total, declined 7.6%y/y.Look into the product structure, January - April 2012, Yarns, cotton fabrics, men ‘s/women’s knitted clothing and men ‘s/women’s non-knitted clothing all showed negative growth. Of which, cotton fabrics valued at 132 million Euros, decreased up to 39.83%y/y. Men’s non-knitted clothing valued at 1462 million Euros, down 11.11% y/y; Ladies non-knitted clothing valued at 2098 million Euros, down 10.36%.

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