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Chinese netizens use 31% income for online shopping

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WorldPay, has issued a global survey. Chinese netizens use 31% of disposable income for online shopping, higher than the world’s average level (22%). In China, clothing is the most popular online goods and PayPal is the most popular payment method.

The survey taking in representative countries, 15 e-commerce markets as a sample. Chinese netizens use 31% of disposable income for online shopping, ranking second in 15 countries. Just below India’s(33%).

From a global perspective, consumers spend more in the afternoon, 74% of the global online shopping took place during noon to midnight, and 20:40 is the global online shopping “prime time”.

Payment methods are also important factors in attracting and retaining consumers. 66% of them think, security is one of the main factors to attract them to consume again. 57% of the consumers selected sale guarantee. 53% of the consumers think, better payment security is the main factor attracting them to increase spending.

Chinese e-commerce driven by relatively wide range of population. And the female more than 40 years is the dominant force. 26 to 32 years old crowd also plays an important role. These online consumers are mainly worry about protection of their personal information. Many serious online consumers will always be attracted to some retailers which offer a variety of pricing options. Online consumers will be attracted to the accurate delivery dates and details. They also are interested in customized products.

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