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Foreign Trade Volume of China from Jan to April Exceeded US$510bln

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General Administration of Customs of China published situation of foreign trade of China in the former 4 months on May, 12. According to the statistic, total value of export and import of China from Jan to Apr amounted US$514.72bln, up by 24% than last year. Out of which export value was US$274.24bln, up by 25.8%, import value was US$240.48bln, up by 22.1%.

Trade value of China in Apr was US$143.44bln, up by 19.8%. The export value was US$76.95bln, up by 23.9%, import value was US$66.49, up by 15.3%.
The statistic represented export of conventional export increased fast and processing trade maintained soaring trend in foreign trade. Export and import value of conventional trade amounted to US$218.38bln, up by 22.1%, out of which export value was US$114.89bln, up by 24.5%; import value was US$103.49bln, up by 19.5%. Meanwhile, export and import of processing trade was US$245.46bln, up by 24.9%, out of which export was US$148.14bln, up by 25.9%, import was US$9.72bln, up by 23.3%.

In the bilateral trade with significant partners from Jan to Apr, EU continued to be the biggest one of China. Bilateral trade volume of Sino-Europe amounted to US$78.62bln, up by 20.5%. US continued to be the second biggest one with US$77.29bln bilateral trade volume, up by 26.2%. Japan maintained the third one with US$64.12bln bilateral trade volume, up by 11.5%. In addition, ASEAN maintained the fourth one with US$47.06bln bilateral trade volume, up by 22%.

Export of mechanical product constituted the leading place among the export goods. From Jan to Apr, export of mechanical product was US$158.72bln, up by 32.7%, constituted 57.9% of total export value, out of which export of electric equipment and product was US$64.41bln, up by 40.2%; export of machine and equipment was US$55.7bln, up by 24.3%; export of high-tech product was US$81.24bln, up by 34.4%. Meanwhile, export of traditional predominant goods soared fast. Export of apparel was US$24.03bln, up by 24.7%; export of yarn and fabric was US$14.45bln, up by 20.4%; export of shoes was US$6.64bln, up by 19.3%. In addition, the export of crude oil and product oil both decreased.

Among the import goods, import of product oil and soy increased slightly while the import of steel decreased obviously. Statistic showed import of primary products of China from Jan to Apr amounted US$58.53bln, up by 32.2%. Import of iron ore was 110Mt, up by 23.5%, import of product oil was 11.16Mt, up by 3.5%; import of soy was 7.98Mt, up by 9.1%. Meanwhile, import of industrial product was US$181.96bln, up by 19.1%, out of which import of mechanical product was US$129.56bln, up by 28.5%; import of chemical product was US$26.35bln, up by 4.4%; import of steel was 6.29Mt, decreased by 26.4%.


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