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Texworld opens its doors in one week

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Texworld has developed Designers & Fashion around three poles Fabric Experience, For Future and Services in order to offer visitors more emotions, more information and more services.

Worldwide Textile Rendez-vous
Paris Le Bourget, 13-16 September 2010

Designers & Fashion, Fabric Experience
A totally new sensory experience awaits visitors to the 27th Texworld exhibition: a voyage through the universe of fabric, from the initial design to actual use. Six modules represent six stages in the sector in an allegorical manner:

• “Over the rainbow” where it all starts,
• “At the heart of the industry”, where expertise encounters technology,
• “Every variety under the sun”, where creativity is kindled by multiplicity,
• “Across a world of images” where interpretation invents reality anew,
• “About the complexity of form”, where skilled hands reproduce unique works one after another,
• “A dress never rests, it regards“, where dreams become reality.

A different way of discovering the products offered by selected exhibitors so that a simple visit to the exhibition is transformed into a veritable sensory circuit with each visitor being able to touch, feel and “live” the material.

Designers & Fashion, For Future
Texworld dedicates areas to a young generation of fresh talent and organises a series of initiatives to assist young designers trying to break into the branch.

In place of honour at the next show: Manix Wong, prize winner of the menswear Grand Prix at the Dinard International Festival of Young Fashion Designers 2010, and students from the Esmod Paris School of fashion. The latter have designed silhouettes made from the fabrics sponsored by exhibitors at Texworld: a way of proposing one view of the end use for their fabrics to visitors and the exhibitors themselves.

Designers & Fashion, Services
A genuine link between all the players in the sector, Texworld provides the connection between supply and demand, offers solutions, responds to the specific requirements that visitors express, allows them to establish ties more easily ...

In inviting the Fre(n)sh Fashion Committee association, Texworld lends its support in setting up contacts between designers and exhibitors who are on the lookout for designers for their fabric and clothing collections.

A large number of exhibitors for this show
This show, 735 weavers — which attests to the stability in the numbers of exhibitors at Texworld — and for the first time, 150 producers specialising in clothing — offering a very wide choice — will exhibit their collections in hall 2 at the Paris le Bourget Exhibition Centre. The increase in the range of finished products is related to the growing demand from visitors.

Texworld, an international platform
The exhibition will welcome companies coming not only from Asian countries (Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Taiwan, Thailand...), but also from Europe (Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey ...). Exhibitors of the same nationality and offering a select range are grouped together in pavilions to ensure that their products are clearly visible. For its fourth successive attendance at Texworld, the HKTDC
Hong Kong Trade Development Council — will group some fifteen exhibitors specialising in clothing production, counting among them J’s Familia International Industries, with its children’s clothing, Carry Success Company Limited, Queentex Garment Limited and Lungkae Garment Co., which are all in a position to offer quality Products at attractive prices.

The CTAF — China Sourcing — unites in two distinct areas a hundred companies specialising in clothing production and in fabric originating from the regions of Beijing, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shangong, Shanghai or Zhejiang, often with a centuries-old tradition in textiles. They offer mid-range/high-end clothing — delicate embroidery, silk with a soft feel or supple knits too — that will satisfy the demands from Western markets.

At the heart of the Pakistani pavilion, Mahee International, a denim specialist, will be attending for the first time and next to Rana Textile Mills Ltd., who have exhibited at Texworld on several occasions. The Thai pavilion welcomes for the first time Champ Ace and its range of knits, as well as exhibitors offering accessories, like Benchmark and its wide range of cuff links. From Mauritius, Palmar Limitée presents both its collections, denim and knit tops, at the heart of the national pavilion.

The Fabrics China Creation Pavilion groups 17 companies, all involved in high-end textile production from China (cotton, wool, ramie, linen, knits...) that is aimed at the world market, and will present coming trends at a forum of its own.

The forums
Buyers will be able to use the i-tex forum which presents the colours, materials and strong points of fabrics for winter 2011, and at the heart of which the eco-friendly forum “Green Textiles: Fabrics that Care” will present samples from exhibitors made from ecological materials (organic cotton, selected natural fibres, recycled polyester, or Tencel
or Modal too...).

Texworld and “eco-friendly“
121 suppliers — whose eco-friendly profile has been scrupulously checked by the Messe Frankfurt team dedicated to this sector — will offer ecological fabrics that guarantee to observe social production procedures and/or standards.

A round table (with simultaneous English/French interpreting) devoted to this subject will take place at the exhibition on Wednesday, 15th September from 14:00 to 16:30, hosted by John Mowbray of Ecotextile News. “Texworld’s round table on sustainable development.

In search of organic and renewable textiles”: a series of presentations which aim to highlight the latest organic textiles, like recycled polyester or Lyocell, which are close to traditional hemp or organic cotton, their use on the market for clothing and the potential for their commercial development. Signage has been installed to make it easier to recognise the eco-friendly manufacturers.

The next Texworld show will be held at the Paris le Bourget exhibition centre from 7th to 10th February 2011.
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