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China Textile & Apparel Export to Japan up 11%

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Official statistics from China Customs shows that China's textile and apparel export to Japan in Jan. to Feb.2006 was USD 2.556 billion, up 10.95 per cent year-on-year.In which, the textile export was USD 0.508 billion, up 17.28 per cent year-on-year and the apparel export was USD 2.047 billion, up 9.49 per cent year-on-year.

Through Ja. - Feb.2006, among our main export countries and areas of textile and apparel, EU, Japan and USA became top three. In which, the export to EU took up 19.87 per cent in the total export of textile and apparel, Japan taking up 17.21 per cent and USA taking up 16.79 per cent separately. Anyhow, China's export to the above countries fell down.

Source: ccpit tex

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