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Textile industry feeds 100mln Chinese farmers

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Chinese Minister of Commerce Mr. Bo Xilai stated on Mar. 27th that in a sensitive period of trade system transition, China's textile trade has maintained 6.5% of growth per year. This industry directly or indirectly affects the life of more than 100 million Chinese farmers and is absolutely a "livelihood" industry.

Trade barriers cannot obstruct the progress of globalization, and to restrict free trade is to waste resources, said Bo.

Since textile quota was cancelled around the globe on Jan. 1st, 2005, the US imposed quota restrictions on Chinese textile products, and the EU also threatened to impose such restriction on China's textile products. Bo reiterated that the Chinese government will resolutely object to trade protectionism, firmly guard the legal rights and interests of Chinese textile enterprises, and positively seek mutual development with other countries and regions on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win.

Bo stated that as a traditional mainstay industry of China, the textile industry not only makes significant contributions to the economic and social development of China, but of the world as well. Statistics show that last year, China had nearly 20 million people directly working in the textile industry, of which 70% were from rural areas. The industry consumed about 7.3 million tons of domestic natural fabric, directly affecting the life of 100 million farmers.

Bo added that the development of Chinese textile industry benefits both consumers and counterparts of all countries, provides a large quantity of employment opportunities for trade partners and brings their enterprises considerable profits.

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