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China issues first 2006 textile quota certificate to exporter

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The Shanghai Shenda Import and Export Co. on Tuesday got the first textile quota certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce for the year 2006.

"I see a good sign (for China's export in 2006)," said Yao Xiyi, general manager of Shenda upon receiving the quota for producing 1,210 boxes of 12 man's shirts destined to the U.S. market.

"The year 2005 was very turbulant for China's textile and garment exporters. We hope the trade environment in 2006 can be more stable," said Yao.

Earlier this month, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles released the bid result of export quotas on 21 categories of textiles to the United States next year.

A total of 28,296 qualified textile enterprises in China joined the bidding for the export quotas to the US.

The competition is very heated due to a half-year block on some textile products to the United States, insiders said.

After seven rounds of talks, the US and China in November signed a three-year agreement on textile trade.

A total of 21 types of clothing and textiles have been placed under the import restrictions, including cotton trousers. The agreement provides for a progressive increase in imports of major textiles and apparel products from China -- by 10 to 15 percent in 2006, 12.5 to 16 percent in 2007, and 15 to 17 percent in 2008.

Thirty percent of the agreed quota next year will be distributed through public bids, said the Ministry of Commerce.


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