China Newtex

How to participate in New Tex China

Source: CCPIT TEX | Date: 2006-07-12

Fill in the
Application form

You can download the Application form online or contact us by telephone
Tel:86-10-85229062 / 85229098

Fax to us

Add:Room 550, No.12 East Chang An Street, Beijing, 100742, P. R. China

Confirmation Letter

Receive the Confirmation Letter from the Organizer

Remit the exhibition fees

Remit the total exhibition fees mentioned in the contract to the appointed bank account within 7 business days and fax the bank payment certificate to to the organizer for confirmation of booth allocation.Fax:86-10-85229059

 Service Manual

Receive the Service Manual from the Organizer or download online

 Setting up

16-17 October

 Public show

18-20 October 9:00~17:00


20 October 15:00~17:00


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