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China International Exhibition for Textile Technology & Chemicals(NewTex)

Source: CCPIT TEX | Date: 2006-02-15

China International Exhibition for Textile Technology & Chemicals

As the largest textile giant, China_s achieved an total fibers productivity of 24.16 million tons in 2004, which took almost 30% of that in the world. At the same time, the productivities of major textile products, including cotton yarn, cotton, woolen cloth, silk, chemical fiber, and garments, have also ranked top No.1 in the world. From 1981 to 2004, China has totally absorbed over 15 million tons fiber, and together with its population expansion to 1.3 billion,it undoubtedly has become the biggest fiber-consuming country.

High-tech to be the theme in tomorrow textile industry
According to the Compendium for China Textile Industrial Technology Enhancement and Advancement, the guideline for tomorrow_s textile industrial technology is to construct a market-directed, information-driven way, as well as to optimize the labor and resources, minimize the pollution and maximize the profits gained. The expectation is to achieve the equal standard as the global advanced level, in a horizon from fiber material, machinery,production process and environmental protection technology to the product innovation by the year 2020.
In modern times, new material, high-tech process and advanced machinery have imposed challenges on the traditions across the industry. Meanwhile, recycling fibers, environmental friendly process, Eco-textile R&D, and effluent treatment technology will take up the most important positions in future. All these, would enable textile enterprises to build up muscles to meet the product- renewal and the technology upgrade in the industry.

China Newtex constructs the platform for the hi-tech spread and R&D realization
With the boomed textile hi-tech and enhanced process, China International Exhibition for Textile Technologies & Chemicals (China Newtex) will provide a platform for the latest hi-tech display, exchange, promotion and trades. The exhibition, as a bridge linking R&D and manufacture, will accelerate the process from laboratory to marketplace, and will lead the entire industry, economically and socially, heading for a promising profitable future.

The first China International Exhibition for Textile Technology & Chemicals(NewTex) will be held on Oct.18-20,2006 at Beijing World Trade Center, Beijing, China.

Sponsor: China National Textile & Apparel Council

Organizers: The Sub-Council of Textile Industry, CCPIT
                   China National Textile Industry Council Dept. of Sci. & Tech. Development
                   China Textile Engineering Society
                   China Chemical Fibers Association
                   China Dyeing and Printing Association
                   China Cotton Textile Association

Co-organizer: China Dyeing & Finishing Information Center

Supporter:     Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd
                   Supporting Medias: China Textile News
                   China Textile Network
                   Textile Information Weekly 
                   China Textile Leader

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        Tel:  (86) 10 85229062 / 85229098
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