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Source: CCPIT TEX | Date: 2006-07-21

The growth capital of Shanghai is acting as host to CINTE from 19 to 21 September 2006. Allma and Volkmann are there to welcome customers and potential customers to its information stand and inform them on the latest news in the production of tire cord, industrial twists and glass filament yarns.
CableCorder CC3 

Market: tire cord and industrial twists. Machine: CableCorder CC3 from Allma. There are well over 1000 CableCorder machines in use around the world. Its hallmarks are a safe cabling process, excellent economy, outstanding flexibility and maximum quality. With up to 168 cabling positions, independently driven machine sides and special yarn control devices, the CableCorder also handles highly delicate materials such as rayon and aramide, while its spindle design affords the machine excellent energy characteristics. The online monitoring system ensures exceptional twist quality and performs analyses for every position.

Market: 3-ply tire cord and hybrid twists: Machine: MultiCorder from Allma. Hallmarks: Innovative 3-ply two-for-one twister developed for new technologies such as run-flat tires and hybrid twists. The MultiCorder processes all of the raw materials used in the market in the count range 940 to 2440 dtex x3. In this process, the three single threads are twisted separately on the MC-P pre-twister and wound into a doubling package. The cylindrical cross-wound package is then fed to the MC-C uptwister and finish twisted in a special spindle. Precise yarn control and consistent yarn tension ensure constant quality, while the electronic drive concept offers operators exceptional convenience in terms of operation and servicing. Thanks to the advanced technology of the MultiCorder, production costs can be reduced by up to 45%.

TechnoCorder TC-S 
Market: industrial twists. Machine: TechnoCorder TC-S from Allma. Hallmarks: most efficient and flexible two-for-one twister in the market. The newly developed precision winding and pneumatic threading system make the TechnoCorder
machine even more attractive. Twist packages are of superior quality and offer
outstanding features such as compact form, high density and precise edge building. The pneumatic, energy-optimised threading system brings a number of benefits to production such as short threading times, simple operation and higher machine efficiency.

GlassTwister VGT 10
Market: Glass filament yarns. Machine: GlassTwister VGT 10 ring twisting machine from Volkmann. Hallmarks: customers produce high-quality glass filament yarns in all package formats over a large yarn count range and in top quality. 
The GlassTwister is distinguished by spinning bobbin holders and twisting spindles that are individually motorised and equipped with pneumatic spindle brake as well as central ring rail drive with servo motor. Absolute synchronism of all components with outstanding twist quality is guaranteed at all times by the control unit. Programming and ring rail control guarantee optimal package formation and thus faultless processing of twist packages in the subsequent process stages. The machine design is user friendly and ensures the quality of the supply material.

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