Profile of CHIC2005

Source: CCPIT TEX | Date: 2006-02-15


Exhibition Area:120,000M2
Number of the Exhibitors:1002
Volume of the visitors:126,000

CHIC2005 attracted 1002 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions, including China, Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Spain, Finland, Turkey, America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China.

Statistics on Exhibitors

 Number of Exhibitors

  Session 1:Total 412
  ( Domestic 256, Overseas 156)

  Session 2:Total 590
  ( Domestic 420, Overseas 170)



Statistics on Visitors

Number of Visitors: 126,000
Flux of Visitors (Person-Time): 190,000
Number of Provincial Agents: 6167
Number of Agents with Annual Turnover up to USD 1,200,000


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