Source: CCPIT TEX | Date: 2006-02-15

CHIC is an exhibition with huge scale, with exhibition area of 120,000 square meters and more than 20 fashion segments, including the men's wear, women's wear, leisure wear, children's wear, accessories etc. It made CHIC the second largest fashion exhibition in the world with 1002 exhibitors and about 200,000 person-time of flux of visitor.

 ■ CHIC is an exhibition that meets the opportunity, counting the actual operation by tens of thousand high level professional visitors, reaching trade orders of several billions of RMB, creating the biggest fashion wealth opportunity in Chinese fashion industry and even in the Pacific Asia region.

 ■ CHIC is an exhibition with very strong profession. The professional organizer came together more professional employees, creating a professional but convenient condition, making the fashion professionals become the consensus, reaching the engagement, thus pushing the industry with very strong profession to develop without intermission and forward.

 ■ CHIC is the exhibition of co-facing challenge. In the only choice of “win-win”, the operators who come from different countries have to choose the cooperation whenever the coming of “post-quota era", or the continuing trade friction with “special protect". CHIC must choose the direction of more internationalized and globalized which also is just in the plan and implement of CHIC.


2006 - Explanation of CHIC

 ■ A professional exhibition needs a kind of devoted spirit; an exhibition received high evaluation needs better service provided and atmosphere created. We are always in the effort with the devoted spirit, attracting the vision from the fashion industry, ended with the solid business result between the exhibitors and buyers. This is the firm target of CHIC.

 ■ A globalized industry needs a global terrace. A top rank exhibition in the world on the scale, needs a huge internationalized crowd to fit together with it. We have to work hard, in order to get the concern in the scope of world and the partication from the global fashion industry.This is the explicit direction of CHIC.

 ■ In 13 years of process, in common industry, all persons who took the common goal, created a common terrace that enjoyed use of together, and with it received the common success- the development of the fashion industry and promotion of the fashion brands. This is the honorest of CHIC.

 ■ At today that the vogue even is subjected to the concern, as the pioneer industry of the vogue, even have the condition and foundations of the creation" the eyeball economy" miracle, how to ask for more extensive respond and the support of more angles, is the topic that we discover continually. This is the pursuit unremittingly by CHIC.

 ■ Whatever the “intelligence engagement” of “China Fashion Forum”, or the "hall of honor" of "the Great Prize of Year of the Chinese Fashion Brands", assisting with different style of fashion shows and diverse forms of news releases, what to create is a kind of environment, what to conduct is a kind of atmosphere, let the shining glory of the culture, gleam on the face in each participant. This is the tasty that CHIC persists.

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