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Sulzer at CITME 2006

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Sulzer Textil Weaving Machines Leading in Technical Textiles

Sultex Limited will present its latest technical innovations on projectile and rapier weaving ma-chines at CITME, Beijing from October 17 to 21, 2006 in Hall 8, Booth 8E149.

P7300HP – a high-performance projectile weaving machine

The abbreviation “HP” stands for “High Performance”, which in itself expresses the greatest differ-ence between this model and its predecessor. The performance increase has been achieved by redesigning the projectile circuit and optimizing the motion sequences of all components. Despite the higher insertion rate, weft strain is not significantly increased. Thanks to design modifications, the shed remains open longer during each machine revolution. This allows insertion of more picks per minute at the same weft speed.

The P7300HP features the legendary reliability and quality of the projectile weaving machine, weaving everything from delicate and fashionable to heavy, tight-woven fabrics. This is why, all over the world, weavers of high-quality standard fabrics and upmarket denim, as well as manufac-turers of versatile technical textiles put their trust in Sultex projectile technology.
The P7300HP on show at the exhibition will be weaving an agrotextile with a new type of leno de-vice without shafts and healds. Like other technical textiles, agrotextiles of the kind being used increasingly in modern agriculture are one of the fastest-growing market segments.

Sulzer Textil G6500 rapier weaving machine – the synthesis of quality, performance and economy

Just two years after its market launch, the G6500 is successfully producing in all segments of the market. This weaving machine was developed on the basis of decades of Sultex experience and expertise. The result – in combination with a host of innovations – is an outstandingly efficient weaving machine with which Sultex continues its long tradition in rapier technology.

The G6500 was designed around the core elements of every weaving machine – shed geometry and weft insertion. In doing so, the demands of the market for excellent fabric quality, a high weft insertion rate and low production costs were uncompromisingly fulfilled.
The weft is inserted by a gripper head that was used successfully in the G6200 and was further developed for the G6500’s high weft insertion rates. The proverbial reliability and versatility of this rapier machine were thus maintained. Thanks to the compact dimensions and low mass of the gripper head, the acceleration forces acting on the machine are minimized. As a result, in combina-tion with the torsionally rigid machine frame, exceptionally smooth running of the machine is as-sured, even at high rpm. To enhance the fabric quality and productivity, the G6500 can be equipped either with the standard dynamic weft brake or the special EFB-S brake for coarse and heavy weft yarns.

In order to handle a wide range of warp yarns with various characteristics, the G6500 can be fitted with either a raceboard or the patented supporting teeth. Switching from one option to the other is quick and easy.

Customized Weaving Technology

A further focus of interest will be Customized Weaving Technology (CWT). This is a unique service offered by Sultex: together with the user, tailor-made weaving machines are developed for a virtu-ally unlimited range of applications.

Strong customer support

 In order to secure the maximum performance level of Sulzer Textil weaving machines, a compre-hensive and competent after sales service responding quickly to customers’ inquiries is indispen-sable. With the world wide service network and the fast and convenient spare parts ordering sys-tem EDOSnet, these expectations are fully met. All Sulzer Textil after sales services will be pre-sented on a dedicated booth in hall 1 / booth 1E302.

For information:  Jürg Kundert (Head of Advertising/PR), Phone. +41 (0)55 250 26 43


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