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TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION will participate in the 10th China International Textile Machinery Exhibition, which will be held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from October 17th (Tue) to 21st (Sat).

Air-jet loom Model JAT710, which has been widely accepted as “ the most trustworthy machine in the world”, will be exhibited, and demonstrate its high-speed operation for difficult application.

Water-jet loom LW600 series will be renewed to a brand-new model, which all the state-of-the-art technologies from JAT710 are generously included, in October 2006 (New model
name is undecided). Toyota’s new water-jet loom will be announced in CITME for the first time in the world.

Furthermore, RX240NEW-EST ring spinning frame with compact yarn spinning device and
integrated slub yarn device will be shown with a demonstration of producing high quality yarn at high speed.


Air-jet loom “JAT710” 5 sets

NEW Water-let loom (Model name undecided) 1 set

Ring Spinning Frame with Compact Yarn and Slub Device “RX240NEW-est” 1 set

Person in Charge: Toru Suzuki
Sales Dept, Textile Machinery Division
TEL NO.: 81-566-27-5317 FAX: 81-566-27-5307
E-mail: toru.suzuki@mail.toyota-shokki.co.jp
Person in Charge: Hisako Hiramatsu
Sales Dept, Textile Machinery Division
TEL NO.: 81-566-27-5326 FAX: 81-566-27-5307
E-mail: hisako.hiramatsu.za@mail.toyota-shokki.co.jp
2-1,Toyoda-cho, Kariya-shi, Aichi 448-8671 Japan

For more information, Please visit at:

The roots of the Toyota Group go back to the renowned Japanese inventor Sakichi Toyoda and his invention of the automatic loom. Since then, the division has developed, manufactured, and sold textile machinery, the majority of which has been supplied to customers outside Japan. Toyota Industries manufactures two main categories of textile machinery: spinning machinery for spinning cotton fibers into yarn; and weaving machinery, on which yarn is woven into fabric in the directions of weft and warp (lengthwise and breadthwise). To keep up with the advancing needs of the market, we continuously incorporate the latest technological developments, including control technology, mechatronics and IT, into our textile machinery. Toyota Industries receives high praise from customers around the world as an international leader, especially for our flagship air-jet loom, which boasts the No.1 share in the industry, but also for spinning machinery such as our ring spinning frames and roving frames.
Product Information Index
Spinning Machinery Weaving Machinery
Toyota Industries has developed a rich lineup of spinning machinery to meet the varied needs of our customers, including high-speed ring spinning frames and roving frames. We are working to combine the pursuit of spinning performance for high-quality yarn with considerations of low energy consumption in our product development.

Toyota Industries develops and manufacturers two types of weaving machinery: air-jet looms, which insert the weft yarn using air, and water-jet looms, which insert the weft yarn using water. We provide our customers all over the world with state-of-the-art weaving machinery that excels in the basic performance of speed and reliability.
RX240 NEW (High-Speed Ring Spinning Frame) JAT710 (Air-Jet Loom)
FL100 (High-Speed Roving Frame) LW600 Series (Water-Jet Loom)
DX7A (Drawing Frame)
VC5 (Comber)
Weaving Preparatory Machinery
Toyota Industries develops and manufactures a variety of preparatory machinery, such as sizers and an automatic drawing-in machine that automates the troublesome drawing-in of warp yarn, to enable high-quality sizing.

Mackee Eagle (Sizing Machine for Spun Yarn)
Filamaster Express 610 (Sizing Machine for Filament Yarn)
SDM 100 (Automatic Drawing-In Machine)


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