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Saurer highlites at CITME 2006

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Saurer will be presenting their latest developments for the man-made, staple fibre, nonwovens and embroidery sector at the CITME 2006 in Beijing from 17. to 21. October 2006. In the China International Exhibition Center visitors will be able to see in the national hall 6, booth No. 6102, on a 600 m² stand for the first time worldwide the Zinser 360 ring spinning machine. Also Saurer will be exhibiting the Allma ECP 1 fancy yarn twisting machine, the CableCorder CC Easy for the tyre cord volume market, the Volkmann Focus two-for-one twisting machine, the Schlafhorst rotor spinning machine BD 380, the ACW®, I-QOON® and SRW Winder from Barmag as well as the new features from Schlafhorst Autoconer 338, DREF 2000® and DREF 3000®, Neumag nonwovens and Saurer embroidery systems. Saurer's new Chinese company Jinsheng will be showing their product range for fibre preparation in hall 1. Saurer also will be presenting at the VDMA booth in hall 2.


Solutions for processes
At this year’s CITME, Barmag will be exhibiting its comprehensive range of winders,which will include the ACW®, i-QOON® and SRW. In the textile spinning plant sector,the focus is on both polyester high-capacity lines and polyamide 6.6. Here, Barmag has managed to secure itself a sound position within the growing Chinese market.

A further focus is Barmag’s competence in the area of super micro-polyester. These rocesses continue to be a huge challenge to all yarn manufacturers, but which can –if you look at the margins – be tremendously profitable. As a Total Solutions provider, Barmag covers extensive parts of the process chain – from spinning plants and texturing all the way through to winding optimized dyed packages. The FlexiDye® technology, which – in conjunction with the ATT take-up – guarantees evenness in dyed yarns at considerably reduced cost, promises to be the solution especially for yarns considered critical to date.

With a new spinning head generation as well as a new series of godets for industrial yarn that cover the high titer ranges, considerably higher per-machine production capacities can be achieved, which means lower capital investment. Various industrial yarn concepts will be presented, which represent a high level of flexibility coupled with production capacities for yarn manufacturers.


BCF Carpet Yarn Technology
At the CITME 2006, Neumag will be presenting their BCF product portfolio, which comprises the S5 modular plant system for manufacturing highly sophisticated BCF carpet yarn and the S3 (for monocolour) and S5 variomelt (for mono and tricolour) turnkey plants, both designed for smaller-scale production.

CPC (colour pop compacting), a new method for separating colours in a multicolour BCF process will also be exhibited at CITME.

Synthetic Staple Fiber Technology
Neumag will be showing their product range of complete plants for the production of synthetic staple fibers. It varies from highly flexible 1-step plants for smaller scale production up to 2-step plants with production capacities from 10 tons/day for speciality lines to 250 tons/day for commodity jumbo lines.

Nonwoven Technology

Furthermore Neumag will be exhibiting their nonwoven technology portfolio which includes the Neumag Spunbond and Meltblown Technology, the M&J Airlaid Technology, the F.O.R. Carding Technology, the Fehrer Needle Punching and Aerodynamic Carding Technology, the Autefa Crosslapping Technology as well as the Kortec Festooning Technology. Besides the traditional machine supply of the mentioned product brands, Neumag offers turnkey lines for Airlaid, Spunbond and Carding as well as customized solutions consisting of different production processes (cross technologies).


Open-end technology
Schlafhorst now appears as the supplier of new open end spinning machine concepts and of comprehensive appropriate service and consulting offers that leave nothing to be desired for manual, semi-automatic, automatic rotor spinning machines as well as friction spinning machines. Thanks to the enlargement of its product portfolio, Schlafhorst is the only producer world wide who is offering market-proven and trendsetting machine solutions for all open end technologies. Highlights are the fully automatic Autocoro 360 - 408 with 408 spinning positions, the innovative semiautomatic BD 380 (will be shown at the booth) as well as the manual rotor spinning machine BD 280 and the friction spinning technologies DREF 2000® and DREF 3000®. In addition, Schlafhorst again extended "SUN - Service Unlimited", the already powerful service that is convincing by local presence and promptness.

Winding systems: Autoconer 338

Schlafhorst presents for the important Chinese textile market at the CITME the Autoconer 338, the market leading winding machine. On the Saurer booth a single spindle unit Autoconer 338, type RM will be shown. This unit is equipped with all the technologically sophisticated features like Autotense FX, Propack FX, Variopack FX and Ecopack FX. The focus of the presentation is on the processing of compact yarns and the production of dye packages.

The Autoconer 338 with it's proven winding technology is an excellent partner for yarn dyeing both for the production of dye packages and for rewinding of the dye packages and their optimization for the downstream processes.

The other main topic presented by Schlafhorst on the CITME will be the processing of compact yarns. With its gentle yarn handling and the intelligent regulation systems, the Autoconer 338 is able to produce excellent yarn packages of highest quality. The gentle yarn handling in the clearly structured yarn path ensures the high yarn quality.

Besides the excellent package quality, the Autoconer convinces by its flexible splice echnology, to which now is added a further splicer type for splicing compact yarns.
High splice strength and good visual appearance are the characteristics of the Autoconer spliced joints.


Brand-new ring spinning machine for the Chinese market During this year’s CITME, Zinser will be presenting a brand-new ring spinning machine especially designed for the Chinese market: the ring spinning machine Zinser 360. This machine is a new machine model customised to the requirements of Chinese customers. Built at the most modern Saurer plant in Suzhou, the machine is the complementary machine to the Zinser 351. The Zinser 360 is a high quality ring
spinning machine based on a totally new designed machine concept, using innovative hnologies and methods of construction, e.g. a revolutionary tubular frame concept.

Beside the market launch of this new machine model, Zinser will present the highlights of the ring spinning machine generation Zinser 351/451.

Allma and Volkmann

Saurer twisting machines with first appearance in Beijing

Market appearance 1: CableCorder CC Easy cabling machine “Cabling goes easy” is more than just a slogan. The CC Easy has been developed for the tyre cord volume market and stands out through low investment costs and low production costs. Important features are ergonomically ideal processes and operating positions. In addition to simple operation, the CC Easy is extremely easy to maintain.

After CITME, interested customers can acquaint themselves with the new innovative cabling in the technology centres at Suzhou and Kempten and also perform twisting tests there.

Market appearance 2: ECP 1 fancy yarn twisting machine

“Fascination in the price” is the motto of the new ECP 1 fancy yarn twisting machine. It sets completely new directions in respect of flexibility and performance as well as their attractive investment costs in the fancy twist market, a market with a big future. This is a previously unknown degree of production flexibility because the machine is designed for economic production of both combined effects and hollow spindle effects. Despite the low investment costs, twisters do not have to abandon the typical Allma technological refinements. Allma continues to support the customer with its know-how in generating designs and producing effect yarns.

To help with this, the website
www.fancyforum.saurer.com is available to the customer at all times, with more than 2,400 effect patterns.

FOCUS in focus at the exhibition

The extremely successful two-for-one twisting machine FOCUS is presented at the exhibition. Its primary applications are cotton and blended yarns in the medium and fine count range. The FOCUS stands out through a synthesis of economy, reliability, quality and simplicity. The highlights are two energy-optimised spindle types, high productivity with spindle speeds of up to 14,000 rpm, delivery speeds of up to 60 m/min, a high level of reliability with low aintenance, excellent value for money and very easy handling.

Saurer Embroidery Systems

Saurer, the leading producer of embroidery machines is famous for its service, reliability and innovation. Now, the product range EPOCA is being extended to an extremely versatile system. The highlight is a patent pending feature consisting in a single control unit which runs two completely independent frames producing the same design. This means to the user that he may calculate with efficiency comparable to two single frame equipments.

> Shutdown affects only one frame

> Setting up of one frame can be done whereas the other frame is running normally 

In most cases, even during technical service just one frame is stopped.
In addition to this innovation Saurer is still offering the well proved machines UNICA and 5040 E, its CAD/CAM products and the well known excellent service.

Saurer Customer Support

Presenting “SUN - Service Unlimited”
With the new "SUN - Service Unlimited" initiative, Saurer and its brands Allma, Barmag, Neumag, Schlafhorst, Volkmann, Zinser and the Saurer Embroidery Systems plan to minimise the costs of production machines while at the same time increasing efficiency and quality. The bundle of services is tailored to the varied requirements of customers and will generate a significant  dded value for them.
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