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Muratec shows VORTEX qualities at CITME 2006

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Murata Machinery, as an exhibitor  will participate in CITME 2006 in Beijing.

VORTEX spinning is NOT highly specific machine to spin some specific yarn.

It has the flexibility to various materials to satisfy the market's demand.

Furthermore, VORTEX spinning, maximizing the original features of the material, can produce the attractive yarn with many advantages as less hairiness and resistance to pilling.

Now at this coming CITME 2006, Muratec exhibits its VORTEX spinning machines and Mr. Yoshii ( Assistant Manager) will have a detailed introduction at the technical seminar.

Murataour will show VORTEX quality through the demonstration of the stable yarn such as viscose and polyester, moreover, the spinning of dyed cotton yarn of Ne80 fine count and melange yarn of cotton/linen provide you the appealing proposal.

Murata will display the garment samples produced by VORTEX yarn created by VORTEX spinning machine. You can touch and see it on site, and then find the quality and the functionality of VORTEX yarn.


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