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Bramsche, Germany –Julius Heywinkel GmbH at Cinte Techtextile 2006

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Julius Heywinkel GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of coated fabrics. With its trademark heytex® Julius Heywinkel GmbH offers its customers an impressive range of superior products for a multitude of different applications. heytex® fabrics are available in a large variety of qualities and in widths of up to 500 cm.

At the Cinte Techtextile 2006 in China, Julius Heywinkel GmbH is exhibiting numerous known fabrics that have been further advanced in quality and a variety of new products like, for example, heytex® membrane, high-quality coated fabrics for textile building and for architectural structures. Products of the brand name heytex® membrane consist of high-tensile polyester fabrics of different types coated with Acryl, PVDF (weldable) or PVDF (non-weldable) and are provided with unique surface refinements. Thanks to state-of-the-art production facilities and technologies heytex® membrane fabrics possess excellent properties like e.g. UV and weather resistance, a high degree of translucency (from highly translucent to blackout) and an extraordinarily long-life cycle. Last but not least, heytex® membrane fabrics are flame retardant according to diverse international norms.

Under the trademark of heytex® flexitank the Heytex Group supplies high-tenacity polyester yarns coated with PVC, TPU, Alcryn or blends. heytex® flexitank fabrics are available in weights from 650 g/m2 to 3000 g/m2. As a result of state-of-the-art production facilities and most modern coating technologies heytex® flexitank fabrics are both, air- and watertight and, hence, are (depending on the coating material used) suited for a large variety of different applications, e.g. transportation containments, decontamination tanks, silages etc.

Moreover, the fabric heytex® double-wall will be showcased. A multitude of innovative features and properties make heytex® double-wall the perfect fabric for applications like e.g. inflatable boat floors, protective barriers, lifting pillows etc. heytex® double-wall fabrics are UV and weather resistant, airtight and especially suitable for aquatic uses (sea, lakes, baths or pools) as well as for use on even grounds e.g. lawns, beaches or gymnasia.


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